MIL Power has specialized in the design and manufacture of high performance batteries and chargers for military communications, police, oceanographic, oil and gas, geophysical exploration, seismic surveys and other demanding applications for over 15 years.

MIL Power set the standards others follow.

Recognized globally for our battle tested and proven battery designs - we provide our customers with safe, reliable, high quality manufactured products. We know what it takes to keep your equipment powered under any conditions. We build mission-critical solutions engineered to exceed military and industry specifications.

MIL POWER LTD, JO THAME, KE507, 1794AS0953-/U, NSN: 6135-01-527-9592, 1794AS0953A/U, 1794AS0953; REV E LIMNO2 PRIMARY BATTERY FOR AN/PRC-112 SERIES RADIO, NSN: 6135-99-974-0853, 1794AS0953E/U, 6135999740853, NSPA, UKMOD, LEIDOS, QINETIQ, MAI-150484-1, BA-5312/U, NSN: 6135-01-506-6921, BA-5112A/U, MAI-150586, 1794AS0918, 1794AS0928-/U, NSN: 6140-01-622-5675, MAI-150745, NSN: 6140-01-622-5675, MAI-150750, NSN: 6130-01-622-5672, 1794AS0928, MAI-150430, NSN: 6140-01-572-0878, NSN: 6140-01-490-4316, BB-2590/U, 430852, NSN: 6130-99-241-7950, NSN: 6135-99-225-7255, NSN: 6135-99-425-1573, NSN: 6135-99-617-2805, NSN: 6135-01-556-7318, MAI-150589, MIL-145500, NSN: 5935-99-922-4483, BB-390B/U, NSN: 6140-01-490-4317,  UBI-2590, UBBL02, NSN: 6140-01-553-3527, ULTRALIFE, UBBL10, UNI-2590SMBUS, NSN: 6140-01-554-2347, SAFT, SA12590, M32383/3-3, UBBL10-01, M32383/3-2, M32383/3-4, NSN: 6140-99-676-4908, NSN: 6140-99-919-6375, 1794AS0999, NSN 6135-01-478-3935, THALES STORM-H, 12011-2100, 12041-2100, BREN-TRONICS, BT-70790, BT-70791A, BT-70791BK, BT-70791CE, BT-70791CG, BT-70791CK, BT-70791BE, BT-70791BG, MIL-SPEC, MIL-PRF-32052/1, TRCECOMBB01, BB-287/U, TOW GUN, NSN: 6140-00-454-8261, BOWMAN, NSN: 6140-99-746-4480, DENCHI, NSN: 6130-99-342-1238, 6130-99-241-7950, NSN: 6140-99-316-3965, NSN: 6140-99-549-9072, SINCGARS, ATC, AN/PRC-104, AN/PRC-119, FALCON ANPRC-138, AN/PRC-117, JAVELIN, LRAS, ROBOTS, SURVEILLANCE, SENSORS, SUREFIRE HELLFIGHTER, BB-285/U, BB-2847/U, BB-586/U, BB-590/U, BB-390A/U, C8058, C8057, BA-3186, BA30, PS28, BBLA6, MA4025, MIL/MCT-4480, NSN: 6140-99-746-4480, MIL/MCT-2590, NSN: 6130-99-897-2903, MIL/MC20, CH0003, MIL/MC6-90D, CH0004, MIL/MC2-90D, MIL/MC3008, MIL/MC3005, NSN 6140-01-633-9444, MIL-PRF-32383, MIL-PRF-32383_3,  MIL-PRF-32383, US MIL SPEC, SC-C-179495, SM-D-687888, MIL/217008, MIL/202118, MIL-PRF-32052/1(CR), MIL-PRF-32052/1(CR) amendment 1, NSN 6140-01-490-4316.

A World Leader in High-Tech
Seismic Batteries

  MIL Power’s Seismic Recorder Batteries can be fitted with interchangeable output leads using our propriatory yellow removable  connector. This allows the battery to operate at 7.4V or 14.8V to power various seismic data acquisition units and recorders such as:
Seismic Source Co - iSeis Sigma
cableless acquisition system - MIL/LP14-20-1M, MIL/MC1-14-01, Sercel Unite RAU remote acquisition unit - MIL/LP6-10-1MMIL/LP6-20-1MMIL/MC1-6-01, Global Geophysical Services high definition recorders - Autoseis HDR-1C & HDR-3C - MIL/LP2-20-1MIL/LP2-20-1MMIL/LP2-40-1MMIL/MC1-2-01, Inova Firefly and Hawk cableless recording systems - MIL/LP8-10-1MMIL/LP8-20-1MMIL/MC1-8-01, Geospace GSR/GSX and GSX3 seismic recorders - MIL/LP4-10-1, MIL/LP4-10-1M, MIL/LP4-20-1M, MIL/MC1-4-01, Geometrics seismic exploratory units - MIL/LP12-20-1M, MIL/LP12-40-1M, MIL/MC1-12-01.

The World's smallest and lightest Lithium Ion battery, at less than 3.5" high, with the highest energy density for the Autoseis HDR-1C High Definition Recorder.
MIL/LI2-20-1M 7.4V, 20.8Ah, 150Wh battery with LED charge level indicator.
Also available MIL/LI2-40-1M 7.4V, 41.6Ah, 300Wh Lithium Ion battery.
MIL/MC1-2-01 Lithium Ion/Polymer battery charger.

These high performance Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries and chargers for the Geospace GSR/GSX cabless seismic data recording system have field proven quality and are competitively priced.
Lithium Iron Phosphate MIL/LIFE4-6.6-1M 16V, 6.6Ah, 106Wh battery.
and MIL/LIFE4-10.8-1M 16V, 10.8Ah, 173Wh battery.
MIL/MC1-4-02 Lithium Iron Phosphate battery charger

MIL Power's industry leading 14.8V Lithium Ion geophysical exploration batteries with our yellow interchangeable output leads for a range of autonomous recording systems.
In use with the Geospace GSR/GSX seismic data acquisition recorders.
These cost effective, rugged and reliable batteries are compatible with existing Geospace Lithium Polymer chargers.
Lithium Ion MIL/LI4-10-1M 14.8V, 10.4Ah, 150Wh battery and
MIL/LI4-20-1M 14.8V, 20.8Ah, 300Wh battery.
MIL/MC1-4-01  Lithium Ion/Polymer battery charger.

Our proprietary Lithium Polymer, Lithium Iron Phosphate, and Lithium Ion cells are built into batteries with internal bespoke electronics to protect the cells from abuse and to ensure maximum battery performance.



MIL Power's Seismic Recorder Batteries have proven successful in diverse environments and terrains across the globe including Arctic, desert, mountainous, dense forest, swamp, jungle, farmland, and urban landscapes.

Wet, Hot, Dry, Cold - In any terrain, in any climate,

Our seismic recorder batteries are rugged and robust, small, ultra lightweight with an excellent
power-to-weight ratio and achieve the best low temperature performance
in the geophysical exploration industry.

MIL Power Seismic Recorder Batteries are operational in all environments
Alaskan permafrost, frigid Siberian tundra,


hot and humid South American jungles and searing hot Middle Eastern deserts.

MIL Power's Seismic Recorder Batteries have been successfully deployed in many countries including Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Dubai, India, Kenya, Kurdistan, Libya, Oman, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Russia, United Arab Emirates, United States of America and United Kingdom.

We understand that cost is key to the success of our batteries. We also know that our customers cannot afford to compromise reliability and safety simply to reduce cost.

MIL Power IS Your Number One Battery ManufacturerMIL Power's Unite, GSR/GSX &  HDR-1C Seismic Recorder Batteries

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